750 million Henri Wintermans cigarettes

Henri Wintermans cigarettes are well-known to every smoker. And today, this name, as well as the name of the manufacturing company, has become synonymous with tobacco products of the highest quality all over the world. Every year, more than 750 million Henri Wintermans cigarettes of this brand are sold. Their refined and rich aroma is able to interest any fan of good tobacco, regardless of gender, smoking experience and taste preferences.

The secret of the popularity of Henri Wintermans cigarettes is quite simple. From the very beginning, Henri Wintermans has made the quality of its products its main priority. For cigars and cigarettes, only selected tobacco of the best varieties, imported from Colombia, Indonesia and Cuba, was used and is used to this day. The original technology of double aging of tobacco is another secret of their great taste. Carefully selected tobacco leaves are aged under special conditions for at least two years. Only natural tobacco leaves are used for the filler and cover leaf. After twisting, the finished Henri Wintermans are additionally aged for some time on cedar shelves. This gives them a fairly tangible strength, but at the same time removes sharpness. The taste remains uniquely soft and at the same time bright and rich.

Each of the types of Henri Wintermans cigarettes is distinguished by its strength – experienced smokers can try the sharp Cafe Creme Noir, and for beginners, the Blue or Filter Vanilla series is suitable. The very process of smoking turns into a refined pleasure that helps to relax and relieve stress after a busy day.

Henri Wintermans cigarettes

What are Henri Wintermans cigarettes?

The brand, owned by the Dutch tobacco company Henri Wintermans, from the day of its first appearance on the market in 1963 and to this day remains number one among fans of quality tobacco products. Starting with the production of cigars in 1934, Henri Wintermans gradually expanded its range to include a line of thin Henri Wintermans. Thus began the history of the Henri Wintermans. The variety of flavors is another feature of Henri Wintermans. In the line there are options with vanilla flavors, notes of caramel and rum, oriental sweets and even natural coffee. An amazing bouquet of each type of cigarette is revealed throughout the smoking process.