A distinctive feature of R1 cigarettes

The Imperial Tobacco Group has managed to create lightweight cigarettes while retaining the rich, tart taste of a natural tobacco blend. R1 with a filter is a direct confirmation of this. The product smokes gently, does not cause tickling, while the smoke quickly dissipates, leaving behind a long-playing trail of flavors inherent in cheap products. Special attention should be paid to the appearance: long, thin, elegant, perfectly fit in a lady’s pen. The target audience of the manufacturer is women.

A distinctive feature of the brand is the ease with which a cigarette is smoked. Thin elegant cigarettes allow you to make a deep puff to feel the piquancy of flavors. The rich flavor pairs surprisingly well with the soft, light, diffused smoke. The cigarette format is aimed at smokers who care about health.

Despite the fact that the brand is positioned as a women’s brand, it is also in demand among men who want to quit smoking. Every year R1 cigarettes are becoming more satisfactory and better.

R1 cigarettes were developed with an eye to the female audience, but gained popularity among men. A stylish solid tutu looks equally good both in a clutch and in a pocket of men’s trousers. To try a modern British product, visit our employee. The price and prompt service will pleasantly surprise you. Original R1 cigarettes can be bought in the online store of our company. We offer only authentic products at attractive prices. Our assortment includes exclusively branded cigarettes. Delivery is carried out.

What are R1 cigarettes?

The strength of R1 cigarettes is a successful combination of different varieties of tobacco in a classic American mixture, which is used as a filler. In the production process, high-quality frozen tobacco varieties “Oriental”, “Virginia” and “Burley” are used. The accents are placed in such a way as to achieve a minimum content of tar and nicotine in tobacco products. Most of the manufacturer’s series contain no more than 1 mg of tar and only 0.1 mg of nicotine in each cigarette! Since the inception, R1 cigarettes have been positioned as lightweight cigarettes. Several decades after its inception, the tobacco brand has not changed its original traditions.