After rebranding, the Sovereign cigarettes became more popular

Sovereign cigarettes are a relatively new name in the tobacco market. It is made by Japan Tobacco International, which has a good place in the industry by producing multiple brands. Benson & Hedges and Camel are just a few of them.

Sovereign cigarettes were rebranded in the spring of 1996. Numerous Lambert & Butler consumers switched to Sovereign cigarettes in 1997 because it is a cheaper variant with a high-quality filling.

Sovereign cigarettes are currently available in two sizes – super king and king size. They are suitable for those who prefer mild strength cigarettes with no harsh aftertaste. Instead, consumers can enjoy a smooth burn and great taste. Sovereign offers full flavor adult smokers, a top of the line product at a budget-friendly price, which sets the brand apart from the competition.

The box contains 18 packs. Still, the price is fully justified and you will be amazed at the value for money. The attractive design of the packs underlines the perfect reputation of the manufacturer and the quality of the product.

According to the manufacturer of Sovereign cigarettes, it is one of the most popular brands of cigarettes in Europe. The tobacco mix contains the best varieties of Virginia tobacco. Cigarettes have a classic taste for connoisseurs of English quality and tradition.

Sovereign cigarettes are produced by the tobacco factory “Liggett-Ducat”. This is a modern powerful factory, on the development and modernization of which the English tobacco company Gallaher Limited has spent a significant amount.

At the moment, Gallaher Limited itself and its brands are the property of Japan Tobacco Inc. (JTI), which managed to buy Gallaher in 2007. JTI is one of the largest tobacco manufacturers in the world.

Sovereign cigarettes include two varieties – a classic and a light version. The cigarettes are made in the King Size format. The design of the packs is simple, made in the traditional red and blue (light blue) versions, depending on the type of cigarettes. On the obverse of the pack, there is an English sovereign coin.