Arguing with anti-smokers who criticize the habit to buy cheap cigarettes online

Now I would like to argue with the articles of anti-smokers, we must have an answer to our articles … Next will be the text of the quotation and our comment, what we think about this … Critical issues fall on smokers who inhale tobacco smokes and buy cheap cigarettes online. Critical issues appear, being published by psychologists and scientists who consider smokers as vicious persons who are unable to control them and buy cheap cigarettes online to satisfy the tobacco hunger that they have caused in themselves.

Don’t you believe? Then just one example.

The behavioral psychologist Joe Hemmings says: “During smoking, women start a physiological mechanism that allows them to effectively deal with stress. But, on the other hand, a female smoker falls into a vicious circle. After all, it creates a psychological relationship between a stressful situation and cigarettes. In this case, the so-called “reward system” is included. A woman as if rewards herself with the pleasure of smoking for the stress experienced. Dealing with this pleasure is the hardest thing. ”

We don’t agree about the vicious circle, if, as a professor, you believe that the whole life is a vicious circle … For example, a person had breakfast, unloaded, had lunch, unloaded, had supper – unloaded, drank water, poured … etc. If you think like a psychologist, then there is no need to eat and drink. And since he even admits that smoking can effectively deal with stress, and then they argue about it, because stress is the greatest enemy of our health. It turns out thanks to a smoke break we get rid of the worst disease – stress.

Cigarettes are really needed to get rid of stresses and feel enough good to live.

We know from our experience. As soon as we are lighting a cigarette, our stress immediately disappears.