Aroma varieties of Bond cigarettes

Bond cigarettes are one of the best-selling cigarettes in the world. It is produced by the world-class company Philip Morris International, and therefore undergoes strict control. The Bond cigarettes selection has a medium strength. A fairly high content of tar and nicotine (8 and 0.6 mg, respectively), and therefore cigarettes must have a filter. Bond cigarettes are sold in blocks of 10 packs, each containing 20 cigarettes. They have a strong tobacco smell with practically no additional flavors.

Flavors of Bond Cigarettes with Button. Everybody knows Bond cigarettes with a button. For some time now, such varieties have been popular. If you click on the capsule, a pleasant aroma will appear. What tastes are there? In the case of the brand in question, it can be strawberry, menthol, berry, apple and citrus. All types of capsule-equipped Bond cigarettes are of interest to the consumer.

Bond cigarettes with a red button. At first glance, the tutu looks standard. However, the design is definitely updated. If earlier the main element of the style was the wave, now it is a straight line. The centerpiece of the pink button Bond style is of course it. The button is not in the center of the pack, but all the elements reinforce its position. The appeared silver check mark separates the backgrounds of the pack. The textured lines reinforce the checkbox. The image of the brand’s coat of arms has become barely perceptible. The brand name is now positioned horizontally. Strawberry taste is pleasant, not cloying, berry is felt, but not chemical. Cigarettes are smoked easily but slowly. The first few puffs of Bond cigarettes with strawberries taste stronger, and then it weakens. Towards the end, it becomes bright again. We can say that the taste is unevenly distributed throughout the cigarette.

Bond cigarettes with a purple button: The Bond cigarettes’ packaging with a purple button looks stylish and attracts attention. The cigarette has a button with a capsule. When pressed, it bursts and a mild aroma of menthol and fruit appears.