Buy discount cigarettes – a story of smokers’ family

We wish to tell you one story of our family. Both we and my husband are smokers; we try to escape places with smoking bans. We, on the contrary, try to reach a place where we can manage to buy discount cigarettes. Thinking where to go on vacation this summer, my husband and I settled on Bulgaria: for a number of reasons, the most important of which were the positive reviews of my acquaintances, the acceptable cost of the tour and the numerous opportunities to buy discount cigarettes. So, we decided to go there.

We stayed on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast for quite a long time, almost the entire second half of August, and I made a good acquaintance, including the persons who advised me where I can buy discount cigarettes.
The southern country, where tobacco has traditionally been cultivated for a long time (now, it’s true, we heard that it isn’t already cultivated — it cannot withstand competition of the cheaper Turkish tobacco), of course, turned out to be inspired by smokers. It immediately drew attention to such a large number of smokers of both genders, the Bulgarians seemed similar to the Spaniards: they are also dark and all smoke too. And smoking pleasure for them is so natural that we would say that this is not even a habit, but a physiological feature like that.

The selection of tobacco products in Bulgaria is wide. All transnational brands are present (of which only L & M additive free is a great thing! The sky and the earth are compared to the L & M, which is sold in a great and powerful. By the way, the Lucky Strike “without additives” is also everywhere).

I and my dear husband discovered numerous spots to buy discount cigarettes at the Bulgarian sea shores. We were satisfied. Surely, we will repeat this trip.