Camel cigarettes have always been in unprecedented demand

World brands of cigarettes are not as simple as we think. We cannot know everything about them. In order to find out everything thoroughly, you need to start smoking them. For example, Camel.

Camel cigarettes have always been in unprecedented demand; Hollywood stars have been devoted to this brand throughout their lives. Yes, and politicians could not do without it. During military battles these cigarettes became a symbol of the soldiers. Soldiers return to their home in their thoughts with the help of Camel, and were given encouragement and reassurance. The position of the brand in the market has been strengthened.

During the entire period that the brand is familiar to us, it behaves like a free traveler. That is, it indicates to people their desire for a change of place, for adventurous adventures. And thanks to this, Camel attracts our attention..

Sports also played an important role in the formation of these cigarettes. These are products with character. Sports indicate the courage of men and their victories. Races, cars, adrenaline – these are the necessary attributes for men, their soul is in these hobbies. Over time, the pack was painted in golden and blue colors. Camel cigarettes are never intimidated, always moving forward and using new ideas.

What are Camel cigarettes?

The first branded cigarettes under the Camel brand were made in 1913. At that time, Richard Joshua Reynolds started his own production, and this meant that a new company was born. Camel cigarettes of the early period included a certain mixture of tobacco varieties: mild varieties of Virginia were added to tart and dark Turkish tobacco. A little later, this combination will be called American Blend, and it will be in demand globally and it will become such a peculiar sign of the quality of cigarettes. The recipe would pass to other companies, but to this day they still can’t convey the thrill that Camel gives when smoking. The Camel brand has been and remains a part of not only tobacco history, but also a part of advertising. The agents advertised the brand so colorfully, the campaign took the lead, and the crowds of fans were the result of this action.