Camel cigarettes – striking a balance between years of history and modernity

There are brands of cigarettes that are not affected by time or centuries. They are immutable. And today we will talk about just such a brand.

Camel is an internationally renowned brand of cigarettes and was first introduced to the public in the tobacco market by the American company R.J. Reynolds Tobacco” in the summer of 1913.

Some variations of Camel cigarettes are made in the King Size format. All manufacturing processes are strictly controlled, so you should not worry about the quality of Camel. The appearance of the pack has not changed since 1913. The manufacturing company Reynolds Tobacco did not dare to refuse the legendary camel and pyramids. On the contrary, the painted animal has become even more expressive. The camel is the same. The manufacturers did not want to change the image of the one-hump on the packaging. The environment has changed. The animal is placed in a new, brighter oasis, and the pyramids are much more distinct.

As part of the classic Camel cigarettes, tobacco of three varieties has been introduced: Virginia, which brings sweetness and fruity notes to tobacco products; strong Burley, cigarettes owe him rich notes, leaving a pleasant bitter-nutty aftertaste; oriental, creating a soft smoke and the taste becomes spicy. Evenly cut tobacco leaves in light brown shades are packed in white cigarette paper. Also in the total mass, dark brown fractions can be seen.

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What are Camel cigarettes?

Camel is one of the most iconic tobacco brands in the world, striking a balance between years of history and modernity. Worldwide, the brand is represented in standard, compact and super-compact format lines. The Camel Compact line, with a focus on capsule products, already includes 9 different cigarette options, 7 of which are with different flavors of capsules. And the sophisticated smoker knows that this peculiar combination of taste and aroma in this product is an unshakable classic. A classic you can’t refuse. It is forever! The classics will never go away and will not be forgotten.