Camel cigarettes with flavoured capsules

Since its inception at JR Reynolds in 1913, the Camel cigarettes brand has become nearly the most popular brand in America and other countries. Quite a large amount of nicotine, combined with a mild taste, make it possible to remain a truly classic product.

Blue Camel cigarettes – have a rich but light taste and these are the qualities of other tobacco products. Tasting the smoke of not entirely unique, but fairly high-quality Camel cigarettes, you will never have bitterness in your mouth. Camel Blue Camel cigarettes – have a mild and satisfying taste, which is ideal even for experienced smokers who do not notice how many cigarettes they smoke and this will not cause discomfort. Since Camel cigarettes, due to the density of the tobacco, smolder for a long time and have a mild taste, and are an excellent choice for smokers who prefer light tobaccos.

Camel cigarettes are the only brand in the world to use the animal symbol (Joe’s camel) for its product. Consumers were shocked by the non-standard solution of the advertising agency N.W. Ayer, which promoted this project.

Camel Filter Camel cigarettes – yellow pack of this variety is made in a new design, without corners with “humps”. The filter is made in the classic “cork” style and is edged with a silver stripe and the same logo with the name of the brand and a camel. Used as a blend with standard American Blend and Oriental, with high levels of nicotine. Despite nicotine, the smoke is soft, the tobacco is from light yellow to dark brown, closer to burgundy. Tastes are standard, the smoke of a cigarette is dense, nutty shades are slightly felt. Cigarettes are very strong and not suitable for everyone, due to the powerful cigarette flavor and nicotine. The price is for Camel block.

Camel Activate Dual – these cigarettes are produced according to all norms and international standards, and the amount of nicotine is low. A feature of this variety of Camel cigarettes is the presence of two flavored capsules at once. In the normal state, the strength is average, high-quality tobacco is felt, the smoke is pleasant.