Captain Black cigarettes are charged with various flavors and good mood

Let us start the review with the Classic version of Captain Black cigarettes. Cigarettes come in the brand’s traditional soft pack of twenty king size 100’s cigarettes. Contrary to the assumption that this variety belongs to the unflavored version, from a freshly opened pack comes a light, but clearly recognizable aroma of vanilla. In general, looking ahead, we note that this brand does not have unflavored products. Captain Black cigarettes, like tobacco with cigarillas, – everything is charged with various flavors and good mood.

Inside the pack are the promised “hundreds”. The design of cigarettes can not be distinguished from the variety, in all copies there is brown paper of a restored tobacco sheet, a brown filter with a perforation line, a brand logo and a dividing strip in the form of a stylized rope “in silver”. The only exception is the Classic version of Captain Black cigarettes – the “rope” is blue.

And what immediately attracts attention, is the contents of the cigarette. We have never seen such blends in any other cigarettes. Inside is a very thin and uniform cut, which is a plus – it guarantees a dense and uniform filling of the cigarette. Another feature of the bag is its color, it is very dark. Dark brown and brown color predominates, with slight inclusions of light and dark brown fractions.

While smoking, the smoke really gives off a faint taste of vanilla. This is a strong, fragrant cigarette variety. However, the sweet filter does not allow you to recognize any nuances of tobacco. We can only assume that the blend consists of dark varieties of burley, very small amounts of Virginia, and perhaps a small mix of Kentucky.

The thrust of the Captain Black cigarettes is heavier than that of conventional ones due to a rather long (30 mm) and dense filter. When smoking with a remote filter, the smoke becomes stronger and more brutal, vanilla tastes much less. Apparently, the contents of the cigarette itself are still not impregnated with flavoring, the carrier of the taste is only paper.