Cigarette cases and cigarette boxes to purchase discount cigarettes

If you don’t want to walk around with crumpled cigarette boxes or don’t want to let the chilling photos on the packs spoil your mood, we recommend to pay attention to cigarette cases and boxes when you purchase discount cigarettes. A nice side effect and at least as important for many: cigarette cases (also called cigarette boxes) just look super stylish!

Cigarette cases are available in various designs. As a rule, they are made of metal and have a flat shape so that they fit in any pocket and protect the valuable content well. Many cigarette cases hold 18 or 20 cigarettes. There are also unusual models that can hold up to 100 cigarettes or bring an integrated ashtray or an integrated lighter. However, these cigarette boxes are rather exotic and are less practical in everyday life. But they are nice and you can select them when ordering discount cigarettes from our online shop.

The cigarette cases have become particularly popular among smokers thanks to their often creative motifs or elegant engravings. A nice cigarette case with e.g. Artificial leather is of course much more than a squeezed cigarette box with deterrent anti-smoking motifs.
The best thing about it: cigarette cases are not expensive at all. Therefore, many smokers use several models – depending on the occasion, elegant or rather casual. Take a look around our offer in peace. With us, you will definitely find the right cigarette case for your taste when ordering discount cigarettes from our online shop.

You will find various versions of the practical boxes for your cigarettes in our online shop. A very popular model is the box, which comes close to the boxes made of paper and cardboard. These boxes are made of metal or plastic, the lid can be opened and closed easily and safely. In contrast to the usual boxes, you choose the motif of the plastic cigarette box individually when purchasing discount cigarettes from our online shop. Regardless of whether you like plain-colored boxes in black, red or green or prefer motifs such as a zebra pattern, motorcycles or sweet hearts: you can use the boxes permanently and protect your cigarettes dry and airtight.