Discount cigarettes for full enjoyment

The cigarette is a tobacco product made from exquisite, fermented, dried, finely chopped leaves of the tobacco plant, which is rolled or stuffed into paper. Ready-made cigarettes are available in different degrees of strength. They differ mainly in the nicotine content. Cigarettes with low nicotine content are often labeled with the addition “Gentle Flavor”. Cigarettes from a value of 0.8 mg are often labeled “Full Flavor”. The usual cigarette lengths in king size format are 74 to 85 mm. Ordering discount cigarettes in our webshop, pay attention to these dimensions.

However, cigarettes are also produced in extra lengths of 100 or 120 mm and short lengths of 70 mm. A cigarette filter reduces the proportion of harmful substances such as condensate when smoking the cigarette. With filter cigarettes, the smoke becomes somewhat milder. The filter of a classic filter cigarette is wrapped in a cork-colored mouthpiece to avoid brown coloring. Some cigarette brands also use white mouthpieces. Most industrially manufactured cigarettes are equipped with a filter. Pay attention to a filter, ordering discount cigarettes in our webshop.

Cigarettes for quick enjoyment. Cigarette smoking in a convivial atmosphere is fun and serves as a quick relaxation in between. Cigarette smokers enjoy the stimulating effect of nicotine in combination with caffeine in the morning and after prolonged strenuous activities during the day. They also like to reward themselves with a cigarette after work done in the evenings or after other efforts. The inhalation of cigarette smoke serves the mental stimulation, promotes concentration or calms. Smokers use the cigarette break for short-term recovery and social communication. When smoking a cigarette, the smoker gains a few minutes away from work and stress.

Cigarette smoking also lowers appetite and dampens eating behavior. Cigarettes are therefore highly valued as a support in the fight against obesity. The range of cigarettes on offer today is as diverse as the needs of cigarette smokers. Cigarettes with and without filters, cigarettes with high or low nicotine content, cigarettes in the formats King Size, superslim or large. In our webshop, cigarette lovers will find all kinds of cigarettes and a huge selection of brands. Whichever cigarette you prefer, we will let you order discount cigarettes of your favorite brands in the fastest possible way.