Esse Australia Cigarettes – distinguished by a large number of different characteristics

Esse Australia Cigarettes – distinguished by a large number of different characteristics

The addiction to tobacco comprises not only men, but also the beautiful half of humanity. Esse Cigarettes are popular among women, whose types are famous for their variety.
Residents of Asian countries are actively consuming tobacco products. This fact stimulates Asian companies for the production of cigarettes. A major player in the tobacco market is Korea Tomorrow & Global (KT & G) from South Korea. Its range includes more than 100 different brands, among which the most famous Esse.


KT & G Company utilizes elite types of tobacco from around the world in its products. But most cigarettes are made from their own crops. High quality tobacco is given special attention. The company develops exclusive fertilizers for its plantations, attracts the best specialists of the agrarian industry.

This approach ensures a constant two-year supply of quality raw materials. Even some of the larger tobacco manufacturers cannot afford it.
KT & G products are known all over the world since the last century, variety of assortment is surprising. The most successful of the brands produced is unequivocally Esse.
With the growth of the popularity of the “Essay” species, their number also increased. Varieties with different flavors have appeared. The manufacturer takes bold, original solutions in the manufacture of its products, presenting mixed tastes and unusual new flavors.

The products are distinguished by a large number of different characteristics. These include:

form of cigarettes;
own composition;
the design of the package and the cigarettes themselves.

The company always specifies exactly how much nicotine is contained in the pack. The design of the pack is made by applying pieces of shells that have different colors. After that they cover with a thin layer of varnish. The outer part and the inner foil have holographic embossing. Cigarettes are longer than other analogues, and Esse Golden Leaf Cigarettes are recognized as the slimmest cigarette in the world.