Gauloises Australia Cigarettes may amaze you so much

Gauloises Australia Cigarettes may amaze you so much

The trade mark of Altadis Tobacco produces Gauloises Cigarettes, which at one time were smoked almost by the entire Parisian beau monde: it was considered a good form and almost an indispensable attribute of a decent person. Their bright and even capricious taste is to the liking of modern amateurs. Smoked by Sartre and Camus, Gauloises Cigarettes are able to give great pleasure through the exquisite tobacco composition.

Traditional Gauloises Cigarettes are short, wide, unfiltered from dark tobacco from Syria and Turkey, which gives a strong and characteristic aroma.

Gauloises Cigarettes first appeared in 1910. In 1984, the brand was renamed to Gauloises Blondes.

During the Second World War, these cigarettes were popular in France. During the Vichy regime, they had an unofficial motto: “Liberté toujours” (Freedom Forever). This brand was also popular with prominent artists of the time, such as, Pablo Picasso. They were also smoked by Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Jean Baudrillard, Jim Morrison.

Gauloises Blondes Blue – quality cigarettes of European production from the popular brand Gauloises. An excellent grade of light tobacco makes the taste unique and not similar to other tobacco brands. The pronounced aroma of the first-class tobacco product is associated with the romance of France; therefore it is the favorite cigarettes of many famous writers, poets and artists. People of creative mind and fans of good tobacco choose this brand of cigarettes. Gauloises Blondes Blue – the cigarettes are intended just for you.

This brand offers you many perspectives: to add immeasurably to the knowledge of smoking manners, become an experienced smoker and be loyal to this very brand. It is a good challenge, isn’t it? Do not miss this opportunity! And try this brand as its peculiarities may amaze you so much!