Gauloises cigarettes of Picasso, Camus and Ginsbourg

Gauloises is a well-known French brand of high-quality tobacco products. In the early 20th century, French smokers who frequented Gauloises cigarettes were considered true patriots. The brand’s status was and remains high. Gollours cigarettes have been enjoyed by many famous people, including Picasso, Camus and Ginsbourg.

Gauloises cigarettes are a distinct tobacco line whose foundation is the strength and richness of tobacco smoke flavor. To maintain the integrity and richness of a truly fine tobacco, the manufacturers rely on innovative techniques in product manufacturing. These cigarettes are ideal for people with strong, tough personalities. Their acidity and velvety flavor underline their character and special qualities.

The number of Gauloises cigarettes enthusiasts grows year on year. This is due to the balance between great flavor and reasonable price. The cigarettes are characterized by a strong will, a unique color and a pleasant smoke. The packaging design is equally impressive, decorated with delicate traditional French flavors.

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What are Gauloises cigarettes?

The manufacturer uses special blends to produce its Gauloises cigarettes. The main flavors are Syrian tobacco and Turkish tobacco. Gauloises cigarettes are a light filtered tobacco. The brand of Gauloises cigarettes is of French origin, but is manufactured at the Reemtsma plant in Germany, which belongs to ITG Brands. Conversely, the blue package means we’re looking at the Strong version. Because of this color identification, they are often confused. The tobacco is of very high quality and, although it’s a light tobacco, its taste is balanced but very rich. Overall, this tobacco is suitable for most tobacco lovers. Like the blue version, this is a king-size. Packaged in an acetate filter with classic cork paper, 20 Gauloises cigarettes.