Glamour Cigarettes Australia – achieving stunning success and huge popularity

Glamour Cigarettes Australia – achieving stunning success and huge popularity

Glamour Cigarettes are a famous brand of light cigarettes in the original beautiful package. Glamour Cigarettes, the types of which are advertised so feminine and sexy, that they are certainly wanted to be bought as quickly as possible, are not only pleasant to the taste, but also leave a wonderful aftertaste.
The brand of cigarettes Glamour was created specifically for ladies’ handbags, their packaging is so elegant and weightless that they can fit even in the smallest cosmetic bag. This design solution allowed achieving stunning success and huge popularity of the brand.


Types of Glamour Cigarettes stre:

Glamor Amber – one of the lightest in the line, contain 1 mg of nicotine gum;
Glamor Azure – they already have nicotine gums, 3 mg;
Glamor Lilac – for those who love stronger, with a rich taste of tobacco, contains 5 mg of nicotine gum;
Glamor Menthol – superslims, the lightest in the entire line of Glamour, while they have a gentle menthol taste.

It is necessary to know which cigarettes are really strong, and which are light. In the generally accepted classification, there is no parallel between light cigarettes and smoking safety in the world. Absolutely everything, even the lightest brands of tobacco products contain nicotine and tar – harmful and dangerous to health substances. One difference between strong and light species is the very ratio of the content of tar and nicotine in them to the volume of 1 cigarette.

Introducing the Glamour brand into tobacco market was a very successful decision, as in the first year it broke sales records. This happened despite the fact that almost nothing was spent on advertising. Polls say that Glamour is chosen in most cases because of the beautiful design of the package, and not because of the small content of harmful substances.