How to smoke 555 Australia Cigarettes

How to smoke 555 Australia Cigarettes

You bought 555 Cigarettes for the first time. Do you want to start smoking them? At first glance, smoking these cigarettes is not difficult, but there is more than simply inhaling smoke. In this article, you will learn about how to smoke, so as not to look stupid and unskillful in the eyes of smokers.

Smokers have some preparatory rituals, one of which is “ramming”. Its essence lies in the fact that it is necessary to turn a new unopened packet of cigarettes and repeatedly clap it on the table or against the palm. This should condense loose tobacco, after which it is supposed to be smoked a little more smoothly and longer.

Open up the pack. Unpack one of the ends of the foil package or, if the packet with the hinged cover, first remove the cellophane film, and then remove the foil.

At the same time, many take out one cigarette, turn it upside down and put it back in a pack. Someone thinks that this will bring good luck. For other people, this is just a ritual, which they adopted from another smoker. Anyway, a “happy” cigarette should be the last to smoke.

Pull out one cigarette. A new pack of cigarettes will be filled with cigarettes very tightly. Turn the stack over and tap it lightly with your finger to make the cigarettes pop out. When any cigarette is prominent enough, pull it out.

It is much easier to get cigarettes from a half-empty pack.

You can pull a cigarette from the pack with your teeth, not your hand.
Place a cigarette into your mouth. If you pulled a cigarette out of a pack with your teeth, it is already in your mouth. Otherwise, grip the cigarette filter with your lips.

Bring a lighted match or lighter to the tip of the cigarette and draw in the mouth of the air, as if you are drinking a milkshake through a straw. You do not need to inhale the smoke while smoking a cigarette: make only a few good puffs so that the tobacco begins to smolder. Factory cigarettes usually light very quickly and smolder evenly.