Independent brand of Karelia cigarettes

Karelia cigarettes come from Greece, the country of great myths and the highest culture. Karelia Tobacco Company Inc is one of the oldest tobacco companies. The company was founded in the XIX century, but despite its venerable age, has managed to survive, maintaining its independence and maintaining the original Greek traditions of tobacco growing. The main products of the company are smoking tobacco, tobacco in casings, tobacco paper and cigarillos.

The creation of an independent brand of Karelia cigarettes was due to the need to expand the base of regular customers of George Karelias & Sons. Karelia cigarettes are produced using innovative technologies, including high-efficiency filters, high-quality purified tobacco and natural paper.

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What are Karelia cigarettes?

Karelia cigarettes are a world-renowned brand of fine and modern cigarettes of the highest quality, owned by the George Karelias and Sons family. Karelia cigarettes are relatively easy to smoke and have a rich flavor. The manufacturer does not use synthetic additives, tobacco syrups, flavorings and genetically modified products. The brand was introduced in 1995, but the history of the parent company dates back to 1888. Greek tobacco grower George Karelias is the originator of the company. Since only natural ingredients are used to prepare the tobacco blend, the brand of Karelia cigarettes belongs to the narrow category of organic tobaccos.