Iqos heets Purple sticks in the line of “tobacco sticks”

Heets sticks are the third product in the line of “tobacco sticks” (such a designation is available on the pack) for iqos. Before them, Parliament and Marlboro were issued. The new “cigarettes” differ in packaging design, internal structure, aromas and tastes. The packaging design looks very stylish. Laconic, no frills, with a convex inscription on the front side. On the side, the number of sticks in the package is indicated – 20. On the back panel, the number of “tobacco smoking sticks” and a reference to Parliament are also indicated. Phillip Morris positions all varieties of heets sticks as a continuation of the Parliament brand. But many iqos users in their reviews say that this is far from the case. Heets differ in their internal structure, and most importantly – taste.

Iqos heets Purple sticks relate to the most famous brands in Australia, which can be produced on the philip morris international manufacturing unit. The price of sticks is lower than the standard market charge, so that they can be categorised as less expensive. Whether or not you smoke often or simplest from time to time, Iqos heets Purple sticks are a first-rate choice for those who price first-class, affordability, and rich flavor.

What do the packaging and Iqos Heets Purple sticks seem like? Convenient compact pack divided into booths of 10 portions every. Weighing approximately 300g, it suits simply to your pocket or glove compartment in the vehicle. There are 10 packages of 20 products within the block. Iqos in its design is different from all existing smoking devices. They have a number of features.

  1. The device works without open flames, Therefore, it is impossible to burn your lips or start a fire while smoking. Unique technology allows the tobacco inside the cigarettes to have time to heat up, but Do not burn out. The ashes will not fall into the cup of tea, there will be less debris, and iqos heets Purple sticks are discarded as simple cigarette butts. 2. There is practically no smoke coming from icos, so The smoker’s clothes do not acquire an unpleasant smell. Smoke produced during smoking is a vapor. It dissolves quite quickly, does not settle on Surface. Smoking iqos does not interfere with others, so you can use it anywhere.