Iqos heets Yellow – recommended to those smokers who want to replace cigarettes with a new smoking system

Our modernity is characterized by rapid scientific and technological progress. The first iqos was released to the market relatively recently. Now it has become very popular, spreading across all continents. Philip Morris International is the official manufacturer of iqos, it is a tobacco giant known globally and producing many popular brands of tobacco products. This type of cigarette began to appear on sale in the second half of the 2000s, presenting itself as an alternative way to smoking tobacco and a means of quitting nicotine addiction, helping to regulate and gradually reduce the daily dose of nicotine.

Fans of scientific and technological progress, attracted by the unusualness of the device, did not pass by and fashionistas, who appreciated the unique design of the novelty, became the buyers of iqos and the accompanying sticks. Today iqos is available in almost fifty countries of the world, which is an achievement for a gadget that appeared only nine years ago.

But even now the popularity of iqos remains very high; this phenomenon is explained by the optimal balance of cost and quality of the device.

Let’s take a look at iqos flavor versions. There are many flavors, and all of them are undoubtedly good and important for every smoker. For example, iqos heets Yellow are sticks with a yellow label. The taste is quite spicy, with the aroma of fresh bread. The strength is not great, given the feedback from users who prefer tobacco with low tar values. The cheerful color of iqos heets Yellow was not chosen by chance. This is the classic version of smoking. However, it is not quite like ordinary tobacco. These sticks are also complemented by grassy notes. It is usually recommended to those smokers who want to replace cigarettes with a new smoking system.

Remember, everyone has different tastes, of course, with the transition to iqos, it is advisable to focus on the same interests. However, in the new version – iqos heets Yellow, they are able to change the attitude. At first, the sticks may seem unusual; sometimes you can choose the right flavor only from the second or third time of smoking. The saturation of taste depends on the style of smoking: the number and intensity of puffs.