No discomfort when smoking Clan cigarettes

There are many brands of cigarettes and hundreds of companies in the world that produce tobacco products. But, unfortunately, not every company is conscientious about the manufacture of high-quality cigarettes. Someone uses tobacco of lower grades, thereby saving. And someone instead of tobacco adds various waste, and mixing them with flavors. But Clan cigarettes are not one of them. In these cigarettes, the smoker will feel everything that he expects from smoking – a mild taste, relaxation and pleasure.

As with all cigarettes, Clan cigarettes are supplied with classic cotton filters with some additions of charcoal granules, which even better clean the smoke. Clan cigarettes use a high-quality filter that fully provides true pleasure and ease of smoking. Cigarettes, which are cheap, often use filters without the addition of coal, which in turn causes discomfort when smoking (bitterness in the mouth, unpleasant smell of smoke, etc.).

Clan cigarettes are cigarettes of the premium category. Clan cigarettes are aimed at connoisseurs of elite tobacco. The company’s products are in demand among gourmets due to their bright taste, variety of original aromas, and impeccable quality of raw materials

Features of Clan cigarettes. Clan cigarettes of the brand are made on the basis of a mixture of dozens of varieties of tobacco. The company receives raw materials from advanced plantations in India, Turkey and South America. The ingredients are combined in balanced proportions. The leaves ripen in containers of oak wood. After three months, the raw materials are moved to dryers and brought to optimal humidity levels. The result of tobacco aging is the formation of smoked, slightly spicy aromatics in the smoky plume of cigarettes. The brand’s products are not bitter, please with a pleasant sweetish aftertaste.

Clan cigarettes are equipped with innovative filters. Elements carefully filter out from the structure of smokes vegetable tars, dangerous particles of carbon monoxide, the mass of combustion products.

Despite the elite status, the Clan cigarettes are distributed at a democratic price. Therefore, tasting of the company’s products is available to the bulk of interested smoking enthusiasts.