Parliament cigarettes – equipped with original carbon filter-mouthpieces

Parliament cigarettes are a cigarette brand that is marketed by Philip Morris USA and Philip Morris International. Premium brand. You can buy Parliament cigarettes in bulk in our online store of cigarettes and tobacco products. This brand was first introduced in 1931 and is a quality worth paying for. We have a wide range of cigarettes and convenient conditions to buy Parliament cigarettes in bulk. Ask questions in the chat below.

Parliament cigarettes are equipped with original carbon filter-mouthpieces. Passing through it, the tobacco smoke is cooled. It is this unique filter that provides Parliament cigarettes with a tart taste and pungent aroma, which is so appreciated by fans of the brand in all countries of the world.

The price of Parliament cigarettes depends on the selected series. The company offers light and ultra-light cigarettes, low in tar and nicotine. There are also brands in the line for lovers of “strong” tobacco.

Parliament cigarettes, the price of which fairly reflects the quality of the finished product, are part of the daily image. They are difficult to counterfeit, they contrast strongly against the background of the rest, and the taste and aroma are guaranteed to delight experienced smokers.

Beautiful packaging, fragrant tobacco blend, neatly clogged cigarettes, effective filters that do not distort the original taste – this combination is definitely aimed at people who appreciate the rich taste of cigarettes and pay special attention to modern technologies.

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Parliament cigarettes are widespread in popular culture. Parliament cigarettes appeared in the 1956 James Bond novel “Diamonds Forever”. Ian Fleming specifically mentions the brand with the line “She (Tiffany Case) took her third Martini and looked at him. Then very slowly, in three sips, she drank it. Bond lighter flame “. Parliament cigarettes were also mentioned in Bondiana’s other 1962 novel, The Spy Who Loved Me. The brand is mentioned when Vivien Michel smokes Parliament cigarettes, settling in for a planned evening alone.