Parliament cigarettes – the brand can be easily distinguished from others

Parliament brand is the brainchild of the world famous American tobacco company – Philip Morris. Parliament came into being in 1931. From the very beginning, this brand had one notable feature – the mouthpiece. It was made of simple thick paper, but then it was replaced with more dense materials that could more effectively retain harmful resins in themselves and not let through, thereby cooling the smoke, reducing astringency.

At the moment, Parliament cigarettes are one of the preferred brands, which are distinguished by both impeccable quality and price per pack. The pack sizes are quite standard and do not differ from other cigarettes. The length is small, only 20 pieces fit in a pack. The pack has an attractive design in blue and white colors; several branded inscriptions, as well as a warning about the dangers of smoking. Each cigarette is also distinguished by the presence of Parliament logos on the filter.

Parliament cigarettes taste just as you would expect from the outward appearance of the cigarette – subtly different. Different in this case does not mean anything unpleasant, on the contrary – the light spiciness is very pleasant, and thanks to the quite unique impression, the brand can be easily distinguished from others.

If you are a skillful smoker, you won’t regret buying Parliament online. The skill of experienced shoppers of online stores is comparing the price of a product in different places. Buy only in trusted online stores! And save at the same time. The more time you spend searching for your store, the less money you will spend. One of the golden rules of shopping.

What are Parliament cigarettes?

Philip Morris, the manufacturer of many well-known cigarette brands (including L&M) produces billions of cigarettes in its two production facilities in Berlin and Dresden. Parliament brand cigarettes have always stood for an extraordinary smoking experience. The main reason for this is the so-called “recessed filter” – a filter that does not quite reach the end of the cigarette tube and thus creates a small air space between the mouth and the actual beginning of the filter part. This quite unique concept was used at Philip Morris International right from the start – which is extremely good for the brand in terms of a clear unique selling proposition.