Popular BAT Cigarettes online, on the best stores

Such producers as BAT are proud of their brands and develop them, guided by the preferences of adult consumers. They study how smokers’ tastes change, and produce products that best meet their expectations. They do their best to promote the best cigarettes online. Here is a short list of popular brands.

Since 1907, the Dunhill Tobacco House has been known for its careful attitude to tradition and a virtuoso approach to creating an impeccable taste of cigarettes that is still sufficiently attractive to promote cigarettes online.
Dunhill King Size is 100% high-quality tobacco without additives and flavors, allowing you to fully experience the true tobacco flavor and aroma after you have purchased these cigarettes online.

Kent brand was first launched in the United States in 1952, but the brand maintains the status of an innovator, analyzing the needs of the target audience and introducing innovations to the market to let consumers order these cigarettes online.
Kent Deep Black D-Series (D-SERIES). Cigarettes in a new elongated format with innovative improved aftertaste technology (Improved aftertaste), which makes the aftertaste more balanced owing to unique micro- components in the filter. A special composition of high-quality tobacco and a unique Taste + filter create the characteristic taste of Kent. Also, owing to the use of technology “Less smell” on the hands and clothes there is less smell of tobacco smoke. The launch of the innovation took place in 2017.
Kent Black D-Mix (D-Mix). Cigarettes with non-menthol capsule in a new elongated format. Launched in 2017. To supplement the tobacco flavor, the capsule can be activated at the beginning of smoking, and for a balanced aftertaste – at the end. The special bag of high-quality tobacco and the unique filter Taste + create the characteristic taste of Kent. Also, thanks to the use of technology “Less odor” on the hands and clothes there is less tobacco smoke.
Kent Create D-Mix Plus (D-MIX Plus).