R1 cigarettes – captivates us day by day with its unusual and interesting taste

Did you know that if a person smokes cigarettes with some flavor – most often it is mint – then it is very difficult to quit later, since the addiction is also tied to taste? P1 cigarettes can get to you quite by accident, and they are also rich in menthol content. Nice design, airy tutu, so thin, cute. The aroma of cigarettes is pleasant, fresh, menthol. The filter is decent. Thin, beautiful – as slims should.

So, The American blend mixture of the finest handpicked tobaccos contained in these cigarettes guarantees very good quality, improved consistency and, above all, a delicate taste. This is due to the fact that only fully ripened tobacco leaves are harvested and used for production. Convince yourself of the quality of R1 cigarettes with selected fancy cigarettes – and enjoy a great smoking experience.

Brand R1 captivates us day by day with its unusual and interesting taste. You will undoubtedly fall in love with these cigarettes, and the Internet resource will come to your aid. You can order this product at any time convenient for you. This way you will never run out of cigarettes. You definitely want to buy more R1 cigarettes. This can be done by visiting the online store. You will be offered only genuine products at attractive prices. And you will become the proud owner of your favorite products in a matter of days! This is a blessing from above!

What are R1 cigarettes?

This is a brand of light cigarettes with low nicotine content. As it turns out, the strength of R1 cigarettes is the perfect blend of different tobaccos in a classic American blend. And it is also used as filler. In the manufacturing process, high-quality frozen tobacco of such varieties as Oriental, Virginia and Burley is used. Attention is focused on achieving a minimum content of tar and nicotine in tobacco products. Most variants contain no more than 1mg of tar and only 0.1mg of nicotine per cigarette! This product must be opened gradually, to recognize its taste and aroma. This is called the magic of smoking.