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Social networks have become a high-impact business and information source, for example Facebook, where people can connect directly with other members of the social network to establish customer-to-customer (C2C) business activities, offering many functionalities for user-generated content. Users (in this case sellers) can publish unlimited advertisements of their products in different sections of Facebook such as walls, pages and groups, where they can see thousands of people from which there is a number of interested users (in this case buyers), who They can contact the sellers directly to buy cigarettes online Brisbane wide, establishing a payment and delivery method.

The same happens with Instagram but, unlike Facebook, it has an exclusive tool called Instagram Shopping that allows brands to publish photos of their products with the price and the direct link to their online store. This is a new way to buy cigarettes online Brisbane wide. Returning to Facebook, being a free and easily accessible social network, it has become a founder of popular commercial realizations for people who want to exchange goods or services, that is, it is a special type of C2C e-commerce, however , it is high risk since no one guarantees (due to the fact of being unknown users) to a dissatisfied buyer that they will get their money back, in case for example, that a transaction goes wrong, because buyers cannot accurately assess the credibility and reputation of a seller as they do with B2C e-commerce, so their buying processes are uncertain.

Irrefutable proof that the information handled in this type of electronic commerce is dangerous, results on March 18, 2018, with the Cambridge Analytica scandal, a company that obtained the information of users of the social network and later built a program to manipulate the Millions of users vote in the 2016 US presidential election resulting in the investigation, a thunderous drop in Facebook shares on the stock market. That is why people’s personal information must be handled with great care, providing the greatest possible security so that they do not run risks or feel insecure regarding their information, which in this case, goes beyond a few likes, such as are bank accounts, residential addresses, etc.