Rothmans cigarettes are a brand of American tobaccos

Rothmans cigarettes are high-quality branded cigarettes made from an international blend of selected Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobacco. They offer the smoker a very strong taste, which is characterized by the rather rich tobacco mixture, which is, however, finely tuned to each other. With their own, unmistakable aroma, the Rothmans are also a brand for discerning smokers who appreciate a spicy but rounded taste.

Rothmans cigarettes are the cigarette brand with worldwide fame, to which the long-term sponsorship of the brand in the Formula 1 circus has also contributed. The manufacturer today is British American Tobacco Plc (BAT), which merged with the original manufacturer Rothmans in 2000 and is one of the largest tobacco companies in the world. There are over 200 brands on offer today.

Even the British lords appreciated the quality of Rothmans cigarettes. That is, this product first of all it was created for the male smokers. Rothmans International is the main and original type of cigarettes of this brand. In 1905, the King Edward VII of Great Britain honored them with the highest royal award, which is a confirmation of the highest quality of these cigarettes. This species contains 10 mg tar, 1mg nicotine and 10 mg carbon monoxide. The length of these tobacco products is 85 mm, their filter is brown. The design of the cigarette package is dominated by the blue color, which is perfectly in harmony with gold and red. Packaging is made from solid high quality cardboard. Product for many years of existence has won itself excellent reputation and recognition of men in different parts of the globe. King Size Rothmans cigarettes are cigarettes with a pleasant and mild taste. The package of this kind has an original design, corresponding to the English style.

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