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Our online shop offers you to order exclusive branded cigarettes Australia wide. Exclusive cigarettes are cigarettes that have certain properties. For example, Sobranie cigarettes are a cigarette brand that was previously only smoked by aristocrats; it consists of a particularly high-quality tobacco blend. Sobranie cigarettes are also an exclusive brand of cigarettes because only one type of them is made.

In addition to the Sobranie cigarette, you will also find the Davidoff Classic in our online shop if you want to find and order exclusive branded cigarettes in Australia. The Davidoff Classic is a high quality cigarette with a noble past. The former cigarette maker Zino Davidoff used to twist them by hand himself, at that time the Davidoff cigarettes were rolled according to the ancient principle. Nowadays the Davidoff cigarette has white cigarette paper with a white paper filter, and Zino Davidoff’s signature is printed on each cigarette. The special thing about the packaging is that the cigarettes are kept in a high-quality cigarette box that attracts those who want to find and purchase exclusive branded cigarettes Australia wide.

Another brand of popular branded cigarettes in Australia is Winston. The Winston brand is among the top 10 in the Australian tobacco market. It is a very high quality product and has a unique taste. Winston tobacco has been manufactured by the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company since the late 19th century. The company Japan Tobacco took over the business area in 1990 and this resulted in the company JT International, which still sells the Winston brand today.

There are several varieties of Winston tobacco. On the one hand, there is the Winston Red Volume Tobacco, Winston Blue Volume Tobacco, Winston Classic Red Fine Cut and already manufactured cigarettes. Here you can choose from different numbers of grams. From a small can to a large bucket, there is something for every smoker who wishes to purchase exclusive branded cigarettes Australia wide!

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