Shop for cigarettes – seek for cheap cigarettes online

Rare travelers, returning from a distant country, will not keep cigarettes from there if they are cheaper there than in their country of residence. Of course, if they are not able to order cheap cigarettes online in home countries. It so happened that because of the big difference in price, cigarette products travel around the world no less than people.
Let’s take a look at the latest “cigarette price” card in European countries, which was compiled by an advisory committee of Irish tobacco manufacturers.

Ireland, from year to year, is fighting the illegal import of cigarettes to the island.
Last year, 100 people were convicted for smuggling cigarettes and tobacco. 38 trials ended with prison terms. 62 perpetrators were fined.
Since January 1, 2014, Ireland has introduced a new limit on the import of cigarettes from Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and Romania. Now from these countries on the green island you can enter no more than 300 cigarettes.
And if you think that almost 10 euros per pack is the limit for Ireland, then you are mistaken. The country’s health minister believes that each pack should cost 20 euros.

But the resolution is to order cheap cigarettes online if they are expensive in usual tobacco shops and supermarkets.

They will in any case cost much cheaper than those you buy in local supermarkets.

They can also appear from abroad.

A shop, on which you order cheap cigarettes online, may be located far from your location country.

And it will not prevent you purchasing cheap cigarettes online.

It will not be difficult to press several keys and confirm order with some clicks to later get your cigarettes ordered abroad. The process is very simple, isn’t it?

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