Smokers are extremely attractive to More cigarettes

More cigarettes always had a fairly low price in comparison with their competitors. In a pack of More cigarettes, there had always been 30, not 20 cigarettes contained. The length was increased and the thickness reduced.

Given the above, the buyer should pay special attention to the purchase of these More cigarettes. Real More cigarettes are distinguished by the fact that each filter has a special watermark, which distinguishes the original from a fake. You should also be careful about the design of the package. It should be made of high-quality materials, and the information on the pack should be printed in a clear font.

This brand is represented by a fairly wide range of varieties: Blue More cigarettes: long size “King Size” cigarettes. 85 mm, 6 mg tar, 0.4 mg nicotine. Classic taste without any differences. A fairly run-of-the-mill version of tobacco products. Red More cigarettes: heavy cigarettes with a tart flavor and standard length. Suitable for those who like strong tobacco smoke and high concentrations of nicotine. “120 Menthol” More cigarettes have an increased length of 120 mm and a menthol button that makes cigarette smoke cold and gives it a pronounced mint flavor. After use, an interesting feeling of coolness remains in the mouth. Superslims Blue More cigarettes: light and long cigarettes. This is a lighter version of the “gold standard” of this brand.

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More cigarettes

What are More cigarettes?

More cigarettes do not have a hundred-year history behind them. They appeared, like most other brands, in the United States. The beginning was laid only at the end of the XX century by the entrepreneur Reynolds. A small tobacco company produced cigarettes stylized as cigars and positioned as a premium quality product. Years passed, and the elitism was gone, leaving room for mass and mediocrity. The tobacco company was bought by Japanese businessmen. The switch to the mass consumer was successful, and here’s why. Any more data about the More cigarettes. The length of More cigarettes exceeds 120 mm, which was a novelty for smokers.