So perfect heets for iqos cigarettes Australia wide

Iqos is a convenient and safe tobacco heating system with Swiss temperature control technology. The advanced heating element limits the temperature of the gadget.

Refills are made of natural tobacco – unlike other e-cigarettes, this one uses tobacco, not nicotine liquid refills. You don’t want to quit smoking – with iqos you don’t have to quit smoking. We help you by selling heets for iqos cigarettes Australia wide.

Stylish appearance of iqos electronic cigarettes looks great against the usual cardboard packaging with warnings about the dangerous consequences of smoking. Order the set in noble black or classic white colors. Also available are mobile loops, a cleaner, a case and a compact charger.

The system is activated by pressing the “Fire” button. One stick lasts for approximately 14 puffs, after which it is disposed of. The convenience is that the stick retains its shape (does not burn or fall apart) after use, i.e. as it is inserted into the system, i.e. the same shape, and can be thrown into the regular trash garbage can after use Sold in packs of 20 sticks per pack.

The cigarette holder is a portable power bank that can fully charge the holder up to 20 times. To charge it, you just need to connect it to a computer or an outlet with a USB cable (2A). The time to fully charge depends on the model, but is approximately 75-120 minutes. The iqos manufacturer has also released a number of accessories that make the device even more stylish and convenient to use.

Another advantage of the iqos electronic cigarette is its small size. The kit can be carried in your purse or pants pocket and takes up less space than a pack of cigarettes.

Want to buy? Order heets for iqos cigarettes Australia wide on our website. The main advantage of choosing the right heets for iqos cigarettes Australia wide is comfort and satisfaction. After all, each stick has its own unique taste and aroma, and only the right choice will allow you to enjoy the perfect taste when using iqos.

In addition, an important factor is the quality and composition of the sticks. Different manufacturers use different ingredients and manufacturing techniques, which can affect the flavor and quality of the sticks. Therefore, when choosing one or another type of sticks, pay attention to the manufacturer and composition of the product, as well as refer to our recommendations.