Sovereign cigarettes are a product of the British company

Sovereign cigarettes are a well-known, king-size brand. Sovereign cigarettes are a product of the British company Gallaher. Gallaher was founded in 1857 and is the oldest company in the UK. The company has grown and developed through the acquisition of competing businesses; in 2002, Austria’s largest former state-owned company was merged into the group.

Gallaher Limited is the third largest company in the UK and the fifth largest in the world. The Sovereign cigarettes come in classic and lightweight versions. The manufacturer promotes Sovereign as one of Europe’s famous cigarettes. The best Virginia tobaccos are used in the production process.

The Sovereign brand has mixed reviews among its customers. True connoisseurs of tobacco products appreciate the tobacco for its strength. The light model contains 0.7 mg of nicotine.

According to the reviews, the tobacco product has an unforgettable and interesting taste. Today it is not surprising that more and more people like to buy Sovereign cigarettes in online stores. For successful promotion, it is important to have up-to-date sales techniques for ordering all products.

This method of product selection and purchasing has many advantages. The catalogue is designed so that customers can easily and quickly find and view the products they need.

The catalog is designed to help customers find and view the products they need quickly and easily. One advantage of online retailers is low prices. Such retailers usually do not have to rent large premises or pay large staff salaries. As a result, users of online stores can buy goods at affordable prices.

What are Sovereign cigarettes?

These are common-size cigarettes, measuring 84 mm in length and 7.62 mm in diameter. Three types of tobacco are used in their production: Virginia tobacco. The advantage of Virginia tobacco is that the tobacco leaves ripen all at once and have no stepchildren, the side shoots. It is known for its high sugar content and low tar content. It has a delicate fruity and spicy flavor and a high combustion temperature, which is not favorable for smokers. Burley tobacco. The opposite of Virginia. Characterized by low sugar content and high tar content. Flavour varies depending on color. White Burley has a cocoa-nut flavor. Oriental tobacco. Characterized by sun drying. Spicy and sweet flavor.