Sovereign cigarettes are in king size

Sovereign cigarettes are a well-known brand, produced in king size, but which has been eclipsed by more popular brands. Sovereign is a product of the British company Gallaher. Gallaher is the UK’s oldest company, founded in 1857.

The founder, Irishman Tom Gallaher, began his business by hand-packing tobacco for sale to customers. By the end of the 9th century, the Gallaher group was already the largest cigarette manufacturer on the world market.

The company’s growth and development have been achieved through the acquisition of competitors: in 2002, Austria’s largest company, previously state-owned, was integrated into the group.

Gallaher Limited is the third-largest company in the UK and the fifth-largest in the world.

Since 2007, Gallaher Limited’s activities have been acquired and the company is now part of Japan Tobacco Inc (JT), known as JTI. The classic Sovereign Red and Lightweight Blue Sovereigns previously produced have been joined by a green menthol brand.

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What are Sovereign cigarettes?

Their size corresponds to a length of 84 mm and a diameter of 7.62 mm and is a frequently encountered size. They are composed of special tobacco sorts: Virginia tobacco The advantage is that the tobacco leaf ripens at the same time and has no grandchildren, the so-called “side shoots”. Famous for its high sugar and low tar content. Characterized by a subtle, fruity and spicy taste. High combustion temperatures, which are not favorable to smokers. Burley tobacco. Opposite of Virginia. Characterized by low sugar content and high tar content. Taste varies according to color. White Burley has a cocoa and nutty taste. Oriental tobacco. Characterized by sun-curing. Characterized by a spicy, sweet flavor.