The Chinese to shop cigarettes online

What is the price of Chinese cigarettes, and what are the smoking locals to order cigarettes online?
Until recently, there were approximately 2,000 cigarette brands in China. Today, their number has been reduced to 400. The tobacco industry is fully controlled by the state, respectively, and all income goes to the budget. However, the Chinese are able to order cigarettes online.
It is accepted that Chinese cigarettes are the cheapest ones on the planet, but this does not mean that they are absolutely all cheap. Bandling brand cigarettes can be sold for 15-20 cents per pack. The Little Panda, Big Harvest, and Yellow Pagoda brands reach 50 cents per pack; the Red Pagoda is about $ 1, but the Chunghua cigarettes with a gold filter cost quite not much.

The cigarettes that ordinary Chinese smoke (employed in factories, truck drivers, service personnel) are sold at the approximate prices of 10 yuan per pack.
The higher price level is 35-50 yuan. Such cigarettes are intended for the population of average security (civil servants and those who are just beginning a career).
Premium premium cigarettes are sold for at least 100-150 yuan. These cigarettes are preferred by “bosses” or those who imitate them.
An interesting rule works in life: “Tell me what brand of cigarettes he smokes, and I will tell you who he is.” Cigarettes are considered a kind of “calling card”, showing the social status of a person in the Middle Kingdom. Today, this pricing principle definitely works in China.

The most expensive cigarette brands in China are Panda (the traditional symbol of China) and Zhongnanhai (district of Beijing, where the buildings of state and party chiefs are located). They are often presented as a gift to “dignitaries” and “bosses”. The inscription on the packages can be translated as: “When purchasing our cigarettes, you make your own contribution to the Fund of Hope.”