The composition of the original Amphora cigarettes

Amphora cigarettes are a legend in the tobacco world, and were a particularly popular brand in the 1970s and 1980s. They were mass-produced and enjoyed by smokers the world over.

The composition of the original Amphora cigarettes is rich enough to offer an interesting smoke, including Virginia, Burley, Kentucky and Oriental. This recipe has remained unchanged since 1959. However, the proportion of Oriental varieties has changed, with slightly more added in the 1980s than in the modern version. Taste-wise, what hasn’t changed is the barley base and chocolate aroma.

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What are Amphora cigarettes?

The original blend of Amphora cigarettes is aromatic, which may have provoked positive reactions from some cigarette smokers. In fact, in the original version, this tobacco was clearly aromatic. However, in Mac Barren’s version, the intensity of the aroma was at the topping level, with more “chocolate” in the aroma than in the actual taste of the smoke. The Virginias and Orientals in this blend of Amphora cigarettes play a secondary role and are present in the aroma, but rather as nuances. The Virginias have a slightly pungent citrus note, albeit in the background, amid the smoke, while the Orientals have a pleasant, very pale floral hue.