The production of Captain Black cigarettes was modernized

The brand of Captain Black cigarettes first appeared in 1939. At that time, the company produced smoking tobacco, and in 1973 began producing pipe cigars with the addition of smoke, which gave a pleasant flavor and depth.

Previously produced by British American Tobacco in the USA, now Captain Black cigarettes are produced mainly in Europe, the production rights belong to Scandinavian Tobacco Group. In 1996, the company decided to modernize its production and started producing fine filtered tobacco. By the way, the size of filtered tobacco has not changed to this day.

Classic version of Captain Black cigarettes. This tobacco is packaged in a traditional for the brand soft pack containing 20 king-sized cigarettes of 100 pieces each. It resembles the dried leaves of a tobacco plant. Contrary to the assumption that this variety belongs to the unflavored ones, a light but well-distinguishable vanilla aroma comes from the just opened pack. Generally speaking, there are no unflavored products in this brand. Tobacco is impregnated with various flavorings.

They are 10 centimeters long and almost 1 centimeter in diameter. Compared to cigars, are machine-made and therefore much cheaper to produce. The tobacco wrappers are made of specially prepared chocolate-colored papyrus paper.

And what immediately catches the eye is the tobacco content. The contents are very finely and evenly cut. Another distinctive feature is its color – very dark. Dark brown and brown colors predominate with a slight admixture of light and dark brown.

What are Captain Black cigarettes?

The design of Captain Black cigarettes of different varieties is indistinguishable, but all copies have brown paper with reconstituted tobacco leaves, perforated brown filter, brand logo and a separating strip in the form of a “silver” rope. The only exception is Classic, where the “rope” is blue. This design gives not only style and sophistication to the tobacco product, but also opens the opportunity to enjoy the taste and aroma of the purest quality tobacco. Cigarette smoke has a pleasant, mild flavor. It will not bother either you or those around you. The choice of flavors is so great that even the most unhealthy gourmet can find a tobacco product to his taste.