The secret of Marlboro cigarettes

Today, it’s fair to say that the secret of the success of Marlboro cigarettes lies in the fact that its creators never stand still. They constantly test and introduce new ideas that clearly differentiate the brand from its competitors: Marlboro Nation”. This spectacular advertising campaign of Marlboro cigarettes was in fact designed to announce a small improvement: an acetate filter. It was supposed to prolong the pleasure of smoking and make the tobacco flavor richer and brighter. Journalists noted that the campaign was so successful that the company owner’s account grew by several million dollars at a time.

Product placement (hidden advertising in films). When American authorities banned tobacco advertising on television in the 1970s, the creators of Marlboro cigarettes didn’t give up. First they placed cowboys in the pages of magazines and newspapers, and then turned to hidden advertising in films and TV programs. Thus, despite all the bans, Marlboro became the best-selling tobacco product in the 1970s.

Art and culture. A list of popular films and series from around the world whose protagonists like to smoke ‘Marlboro’ can be drawn up: the American films ‘Basic Instinct’, ‘The Shining’, ‘Mean Streets’, ‘Paris, Texas’, ‘The Hand That Rocks The Cradle’, ‘Shameless’, ‘Apocalypse Today’; the American films ‘The Shameless. Apocalypse Today’; ‘The Tenant’, ‘The Corpse of My Enemy’ and ‘The Vision of Love’ in France.

The main thrusts in promoting Marlboro cigarettes were: the registration of various licensing agreements authorizing cigarette production; the establishment of new branches in a number of major cities.

What are Marlboro cigarettes?

Marlboro cigarettes have not one but two buttons: the position of the first button is suitable for those who like to break the capsule with their teeth; the second button is a little further away and is pressed with the finger; the third button is a little more convenient for those who like to use their teeth to break the capsule. The capsules contain different flavors and can be used together or separately. The Marlboro, which features two buttons, is sold in regular packs of 20 capsules. They are elegantly designed in dark colors and feature familiar anti-smoking advertising on the front. The packaging is of high quality and the cigarettes are carefully sealed in aluminum foil, which is removed when the pack is opened. When the pack is closed, the aluminum foil easily snaps back into place and literally sticks, ensuring that the tobacco aroma is not compromised.