There are several subspecies of new Vogue cigarettes

Vogue cigarette brand is the benchmark for ladies’ cigarettes. They were initially positioned as female. Their appearance is associated with sophistication and lightness. The elegant design of the tutu accompanies the created image. Even the scent is typically feminine, and the brand promotion strategy began with it. Vogue cigarettes are still the most recognized brand by women. For the first time light cigarettes for women appeared on the tobacco market in 1932. Thin sticks with an indescribably tasty aroma riveted all the attention. They especially stood out against the background of strong men, in which the astringency of tobacco was preserved even in the smell of smoke.

The slogan “To be a woman in everything” won women’s hearts.Vogue cigarettes have become an indispensable accessory for fashionistas, appreciated by a new proposal from the old industry. Women were offered to become unique, to be different from men, to feel their superiority. Light options for women have hit the market thanks to British American Tobacco. They were the first to focus on the growing demand among the beautiful half of humanity. With the launch of the Four Seasons advertising campaign, they drew attention to their new brand of women’s cigarettes.

The brand has gone through many changes over the years. But only one thing has changed – the demand among women. With each stage of development, new types of Vogue cigarettes appeared. Most of them differed only in the amount of nicotine. Only the taste remained unchanged, for which the brand is appreciated.

But in 2005, the manufacturer again surprised the admirers of Vogue cigarettes: Vogue Aroma went on sale. This is an old concept in a new way. In this line, cigarettes no longer looked like a tobacco product because of their aroma.

There are several subspecies of new Vogue cigarettes: Arome L’attraction (nicotine 0.6 mg). Arome L’adoration (0.6 mg). Arome L’emotion (0.6 mg). These are light and pleasant cigarettes, surprising with their strength. The slogan of the brand: “The radiance of the aroma.” Vogue cigarettes were presented in a new package designed specifically for this line. In all their appearance, they resemble an expensive perfume.