Women of different ages smoke the Salem cigarettes

Salem cigarettes were launched in 1956, featuring the innovative solution of adding menthol to cigarettes. This was a record-breaking success, and within a year the brand was well known in the U.S. and around the world, ranking number one in sales in 1957.

The founder of the cigarette brand was RJR, which was absorbed by the company and became a subsidiary. All U.S. manufacturing was handled by Reynolds American.

The target audience for this cigarette brand was women of different ages. The main slogan, “Spring”, reflects this. It happened to everyone, and didn’t stop half of the male half of humanity from loving it. At this stage, the tutu is decorated with colors and patterns.

At this stage, tutu design is often rethought. Manufacturers try to increase sales by improving their appearance.

The original solution is a simple, cheerful-looking cigarette, presented in a pack with an upside-down filter. It has dark green edges and is traditionally smoked last for good luck. This is the trademark of the entire brand.

Salem cigarettes were originally intended for women. Due to their popularity with both sexes, this neutral design persisted for a long time. However, this policy was changed when the manufacturer realized that sales were collapsing.

The brand’s advertising campaign opted for a narrower target audience. Potential cigarette consumers – young people aged 18 to 23 who lead active lifestyles and are the lifeblood of the company – PR decided to focus on this demographic and associate Salem cigarettes with risk and a cool, stimulating style.

What are Salem cigarettes?

To be precise, there are three types of Salem cigarettes: Salem Menthol: most of the pack is painted in Salem’s symbolic colors, blue and green. The white part bears the brand name in darker colors. Tar content: 12 mg, nicotine content: 0.9 mg; the strongest standard size of Salem cigarettes. Contains menthol. Salem Light: white packaging with gold lettering in the center, the brand’s original color. Light version of menthol tobacco with 8 mg tar and 0.6 mg nicotine. Standard format. Salem Slim Light: fine tobacco sold in white packs with a thin band of color on the right-hand side of the pack. The length of the product differs from the normal standard and is 80 mm. 9 mg tar, 0.8 mg nicotine; a strong cigarette designed for women.